Wisdom Wednesday April 6, 2016

It’s that time again 🙂 You know what to do…and if you don’t, this is Wisdom Wednesday, where you get a free faery reading….so close your eyes and take a deep breath, focus on your question, open your eyes and focus on the cards to see which card you are drawn to…Card 1 on the left, Card 2 in the middle or Card 3 on the right….

Heart Of Faery Backs

Then scroll down to see what message the Faeries have for you….











I thought I would switch it up again this week and use The Heart of the Faery Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud because is was calling my name from the book shelf 🙂 I have to say I am loving the cards that were drawn this week- enjoy! 🙂



If you were drawn to Card 1- #8 The Queen of Shadows The Queen Of Shadows

The Queen of Shadows is a queen of introspection. She asks you to stop and be still and take a long look at who you are- the shadow side of yourself as well as the side that stands revealed in the sun. Who are you? What aspects of yourself hide in the shadows? What would you prefer to keep hidden from the world? You may find parts of yourself that were placed in shadow years ago that now need to be brought into the light. You may find parts of yourself that are now withering away from neglect, and you may find things that need to be acknowledged and left in the shadow. Facing a darkness can be frightening, but it can also be exhilarating- and an important step in becoming a whole person.


If you were drawn to Card 2- #7 The Queen of Hearth and Home The Queen Of Hearth And Home

The keywords here are welcome, courtesy and graciousness. The Queen of Hearth and Home  carries with her the ability to make a home in the moment, wherever she is. It is important to “be at home” in any situation and to create a “home” when you invite people into your space, whether that be your desk at work or your actual home. The ability to make someone feel welcome when entering your space is a gift. When this card appears, the Queen is giving you the ability to be gracious and create a home wherever you are.


If you were drawn to Card 3- #36 The Star Faery The Star Faery

When you find this card in a reading it is important to think about how we are connected, not only to everything on Earth, but to the Universe. It can be overwhelming to think about this vastness but the Star Faery invites connection to the Universe. Now might be a good time to meditate and imagine white light entering through your crown chakra and encompassing your being. Let me know what the results are!

Until next time friends, be well 🙂


artwork copyright 2010 Brian Froud

card meanings copyright 2010  Wendy Froud


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