Weekly Card May 15-21, 2016

Just back from a wonderful vacation in Virginia Beach…so grateful that I had the opportunity to stay in such a beautiful beach house surrounded by the people I love most in the world 🙂 Now I feel refreshed and renewed, but I can’t say I am happy to be going back to work tomorrow 😉

So, 2 weeks ago I pulled #20 The Littlest Fairy in the reversed position. The Littlest Faery ReversedThis card was about overlooking the small things another does. I really took this card to heart and made a concerted effort over the last 2 weeks not to overlook the little things, to be appreciative of the little things that others did for me. I was on vacation with 5 teenagers so I was very grateful when they made the littlest effort to help out, by cleaning up after a meal, picking up after themselves, helping to pack, and helping to catch a mouse that was living in the stove at our beach house, LOL…I was also very grateful for a peaceful week of doing nothing…looking out at the ocean both during the day and at night…having philosophical conversations with the younger generation…eating good food and drinking good wine…all very little things that meant the world to me this week.

This week I pulled card # 3, The Riddle Fisher Riddle Fisher

I find the colors in this card (browns and darker blues) very grounding, and I feel like this card is telling me that after a week of living by the ocean and being immersed in my emotions, it is time to ground myself…center myself…bring myself back down to earth. This woman is searching for something, but to find it, she is going to have to first find her center.

From the guidebook: Recovering lost memories. Feeling your feeling and knowing their wisdom. Searching for an answer. 

So even though I feel I will still be living in the emotional realm this week, I will need to be grounded and centered to find the key to the answers I seek.

Until next time, be well.


artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech

card meanings copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish


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