Tarot Readings

Ordering a Tarot reading from me is easy!

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Tarot Readings

My style for tarot readings is very direct and to the point, there isn’t a lot of fluff. I only like to give you information that is useful, hence the 15 minute reading increments. My tarot readings are not usually long and involved processes- they can be, but that isn’t my usual MO. Short, sweet and to the point is my style- but don’t mistake this for not being accurate or helpful. Interaction with clients to make sure I am on the right track while doing my readings is also key for me. I find it very difficult to read for someone who is not open and refuses to dialogue with their reader. If that is YOUR style, we probably won’t be a great fit.

I offer tarot readings through a variety of methods:

 In person if you are in the Niagara area (15 minutes, $20)

 Live by phone, Skype or Facetime (15 minutes, $20)

 A voice memo (including picture of reading) emailed to you (15 minutes, $20)

An email reading sent in PDF form (including a picture of reading and narrative) $30

Tarot Readings

After Hitting the Buy Button:

Send me an email at messagesfromwithin@outlook.com. We will set up a time for in person/phone/Skype/Facetime readings or discuss your question for email readings.

If you prefer to pay via Paypal Invoice or Square Reader you can contact me via email and I will email the invoice to you. If you are in Canada and want to pay by email transfer you can send funds that way also. (If the reading is being delivered in person payment is due at time of reading by cash or card through the Square reader).

Your reading will be delivered to you at the agreed upon time for in person/phone/Skype/Facetime readings, or within 3-5 days business days for voice memo or email readings.

Interested in your own personal daily cards? For just 1$ per day ($30 for the month) I’ll pull one tarot card per day and send it’s guidance directly to your email each morning. Drop me a line if this is something you’re interested in 🙂

I’m Also Available for Parties

If you are having a party in the Niagara Region and are looking for a reader please contact me, I’d be happy to provide some lighthearted entertainment for the evening 🙂


I look forward to sharing the Tarot with you!