June Monthly Card

The summer solstice is almost upon us… this month we can delight in the longest day of the year, as well as fresh local produce at the farmers market ( I can’t wait for the strawberries!), spending lots of time outdoors and giving thanks for the great Dad’s in our lives šŸ™‚ Last month the… Continue reading June Monthly Card


My Tarot Playlist- The High Priestess

The third card in theĀ Major ArcanaĀ isĀ The High PriestessĀ  This card is all about intuition, mystery, the subconscious mind and Higher Powers. The song that reminds me most of this card is Witchy Woman by the Eagles… I know, predictable, but every time I hear “Raven hair, and ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips”… Continue reading My Tarot Playlist- The High Priestess