St. Patrick’s Day Reading

One of the great symbols of St. Patrick’s Day is the four leafed clover. It is said that finding a four leafed clover will bring great luck (probably because only about 1 in 10,000 clovers are four leafed instead of 3!), and the four leaves are said to represent faith, hope, love and luck. On this St. Patty’s day I thought it would be fun to do a reading for myself to celebrate and gain some insight. I pulled four cards asking the questions: Where can I use more faith in my life? Where can I use some healing? How can I more fully express love? How can I bring good luck my way?

This is what came up for me…

Where can I use more faith in my life? #22 Snails Pace

Snails Pace


The words that jumped out at me immediately are subtle energies. I know that many people think that “energies” are a little (or a lot) woowoo and New Agey….but really everything has an energy. I am sure that most of you have had the experience of walking into a room and feeling creeped out, or meeting someone and feeling immediately at ease- that is because of the “energy” that person or place is giving off. I am very affected by other peoples energies, and I think this card is telling me that I need to have faith that what I am feeling intuitively is true. I often don’t trust my intuition because I override it with my logical mind and I need to stop doing that. This is why I work with the Faery oracles and the Tarot, to connect with my intuition, so this card tells me to have faith that the messages coming to me are on the mark.

From the guidebook: the Faeries can see beneath the “shell” you present to others and know that you doubt your own impact and influence….it is time for you to find the path that is your own…while others may see you as foolish that is none of your business…

So, that is interesting to me too, I often have existential crises because I feel my life is a waste and I am not doing anything important…this card is telling me to have faith that I am having an impact somewhere, so that is comforting.

Where can I use some healing? #5 Secret Doorway

Secret Doorway



Interesting that intuition is coming up for me again in this card and that I need to do some healing around it. I feel I am very intuitive, but I am a really weird mix because I am also very logical- the type of person who doesn’t like to believe something unless I can see it (so isn’t it funny that I connect so well with a deck of cards that is about Faeries- that aren’t real and you can’t see? I am sure the Universe is laughing at me right now 😉 ) I wonder how I can go about healing that “split” I feel is in my personality.

From the guidebook: Understand that to learn something new, one must forget what one knows. Understand that wonderment is the natural process of change. 

Aaaaand there it is, in order to heal and learn a different way of life I need to stop being a know it all…very true 🙂

How can I more fully express love? #11 Barnabus and the Prince, Reversed

Barnabus and the Prince Reversed


From the guidebook: Refusal to move, seek out, be courageous. Staying home, being introverted when you know the time to extend yourself is here, refusing to actively engage in creating what it is that you wish for. Feeling cynical and unmotivated about love. Time to open up to the potential partners in your life.

Ummm, yes. The Universe is very definitely laughing at me right now. I am a self proclaimed hermit- and for years I have liked it that way. I closed myself down to potential partners and relationships because I was cynical not only about finding someone else that I could love, but cynical that after all these years I would even be able to open myself up to the compromises I will have to make in order to make a relationship work. So, it appears that the era of the lone wolf needs to change in my life and I will have to listen to my friends and actually leave my house…put myself out there in the world- and be open to the potential at least of a relationship.

How can I bring good luck my way? #20 The Littlest Fairy, Reversed

The Littlest Faery Reversed


From the guidebook: Underestimating the significance of a small start. Overlooking details, being overwhelmed by the big picture. Wanting things to be bigger, grander and more noticeable. Feeling resentment for being overlooked. Overlooking the small things another does.

The feeling that I am getting from this card is that I can bring some luck my way by expressing gratitude. I am grateful for all the little things in my life and I think I need to express that more. Thank YOU for being here with me on this journey 🙂

So what I got from this reading is to have faith in my intuition, stop being a know it all, put myself out there in the world and be grateful….all excellent advice to bring some luck into my life 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Erin Go Bragh!


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

(card meanings copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish)

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