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Welcome to my spiritual toolkit, aka: my shopping page:)

This is where I have amassed a ton of useful information and tools to help you on your journey, whether it be a tarot, spiritual, self improvement or just general knowledge journey. This page is a work in progress and will be updated as I devour all the knowledge I can get my hands on, so keep checking back to keep in the loop.

All of these items are things that I have personally used on my journey and would absolutely recommend to others. My hope is that you will find at least one item on this page that sparks your interest or lights you up at the minimum, and even better would be something that changes your life like it did mine. Please note in the interests of full disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase through the link I will receive a small commission. Much gratitude to you in advance for your support 🙂 And please, should you have ANY questions about the items listed here, contact me and I’ll do my best to give you as much information as possible. May the Universe guide you to what you need right now……Namaste 🙂

Spiritual Toolkit #1- Self Improvement

What originally started me out on my journey was my quest to find out why I was here and how I could make myself a better person. Here are some tools that I used on that quest.

Spiritual Toolkit Simple Abundance Sarah Ban Breathnach Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach– This is a book of daily meditations (essays really) that helped me to notice and align myself to the cycles of daily and seasonal life. It has an easy gentle style, and it also introduced me to a tool that literally changed my life, the Gratitude Journal. This is a book that I come back to time and time again. It’s a great book if you’re just starting out on your journey and looking to get your feet wet. Another excellent choice by Sarah is Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self. I cried through my first reading of this book because it released so much pent up negative energy. Truly a game changer for me.



Spiritual Toolkit The Artist's Way Julia CameronThe Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron- It’s funny, but I have never considered myself a creative person. I love looking at art, but I hate drawing, painting or creating anything artsy really (I’m pretty sure this is subconsciously because of a bad experience I had in art class as a child). This book showed me that you don’t have to paint or sculpt to be an artist, everyone is an artist really- my art is creating my life. This book introduced me to tools called Morning Pages and Artist Dates, which I originally tried to avoid, but eventually, again, changed my life. This book is good for people who think they aren’t creative. This book is the first in a series, the other books are Walking in this World, Finding Water and The Vein of Gold. I’ve worked my way through all of them and would highly recommend.



One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant

One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant- I have been through this book countless times. I love the readings and it really makes me think about why I am the way I am- and whether I want to stay that way.





Spiritual Toolkit #2- Spirituality

Spiritual Toolkit The Invitation Oriah Mountain Dreamer The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer- This  is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I have ever read. If you are letting yourself be lead by Spirit, it will probably lead you here sooner or later. If this book speaks to you, her other works, The Call and The Dance will probably also need to go on your list.




Spiritual Toolkit White Hot Truth Danielle LaPorte

White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte– I love, love, LOVE Danielle. She is a spiritual BAD ASS. If you haven’t read or listened to any of her books you are truly missing out. If you want the bundle so you can read AND listen to her beautiful voice, click this link here. And I also highly recommend her other book, The Desire Map. I’m currently using it to help me figure out how to create a life that I am passionate about living.




Spiritual Toolkit Material Girl Mystical World Ruby Warrington

Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington- If you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of spirituality this would be a great book to start with. It’s an easy read and a nice introduction and overview to the world of modern spirituality.




Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert- I can’t even tell you how much I resonate with this book. I read it yearly and it still touches my heart every time.





Spiritual Toolkit #3- Recovery

Spiritual Toolkit Codependent No More Melodie Beattie Codependent No More by Melodie Beattie- I sobbed through my first reading of this book too, because really, who wants to admit that you grew up in a dysfunctional family- and that dysfunction is still unconsciously affecting your life as an adult? Reading this book the first time was a turning point in my life and I have read it MANY times since as a reminder that I don’t have to suffer anymore. This is probably THE #1 book to read if your life has been affected in any way by an alcoholic, addict or any sort of dysfunction in the family. If this is the case, you should also probably read Beyond Codependency and A Codependent’s Guide to the Twelve Steps. Guaranteed to change your life.



Spiritual Toolkit Healing The Shame That Binds You John Bradshaw Healing The Shame That Binds You by John Bradshaw- This book is experiential and informative. I’ve also read a couple of his other books and would recommend Homecoming: Reclaiming And Healing Your Inner Child as an adjunct to this book.




Spiritual Toolkit ACA Big Red Book The Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families Big Book– I use this book on the regular to keep me focused on being the best I can be- and I have given it away to others who I felt needed it because it is potentially life changing.




Spiritual Toolkit #4- Goddess and Feminine Spirituality

Spiritual Toolkit Women Who Run With The Wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes- This book is a classic and I believe a must read for women everywhere.





Godesses In Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen

Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen- a classic book on feminine archetypes.





Spiritual Toolkit #5- Tarot

Spiritual Toolkit Universal Waite Tarot The Universal Waite Tarot Deck- This is the only deck I read for others with. If you are just getting started with Tarot I would highly recommend this deck. I have a Rider Waite Smith deck also, but I like the images in this deck a bit better, I find them easier to connect with.




Spiritual Toolkit Gilded Tarot Ciro Marchetti The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti- I think this was the 2nd tarot deck that I ever purchased. I seem to be very drawn to Ciro’s imagery, I find it very lush and eye catching.





Spiritual Toolkit Vanessa Tarot The Vanessa Tarot Deck- I have to admit that I originally bought this deck only because my sister’s name is Vanessa and I thought that was funny. The more I use this deck though, the more I like it 🙂 If you’re looking for a deck with a pop culture kind of vibe, this might be one to check out.




Spiritual Toolkit Oceanic Tarot Jayne Wallace The Oceanic Tarot by Jayne Wallace- This was another deck that I picked up on a lark, but I have to say I have been getting some great readings with it. And as beach lover, I am enamored of the imagery in this deck.




Spiritual Toolkit Thelema Tarot The Thelema Tarot Deck- This is another deck with lush imagery. I’ve had mine for a year and love reading with it





Spiritual Toolkit Kitchen Table Tarot

Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova- This book just came out this year, and if you are just starting out, this would be a great book to get. The title absolutely describes the author’s writing style- I really felt like I was just sitting around the table having a little chit chat about tarot. I felt the description and meanings of the cards were easy to understand, so if you’re looking for something straight forward and not full of esoteric mumbo jumbo this would be a good choice.




Spiritual Toolkit Easiest Way To Learn Tarot Ever Dusty White

The Easiest Way To Learn Tarot Ever by Dusty White- OK, this guy comes across as a bit of a dink to me, but I’ve never seen another book with such a great collection of exercises to practice your tarot reading skills. So, if you want to learn to read tarot, and you can ignore the jibes in this book I would highly recommend it. I am just starting his follow up book Advanced Tarot Secrets and am hoping it’s just as good.




Spiritual Toolkit Holistic Tarot Benebell Wen

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen- Ummm, this book is literally 2 inches thick. I’m pretty sure this book will become everyone’s Tarot bible, not just mine, if only because there is so much information and so many exercises packed into it. Probably the most comprehensive tarot book every written. If you’re learning, or if you’re a seasoned reader, you probably have this book on your shelf.




Spiritual Toolkit #6- Lenormand

Spiritual Toolkit Gilded Reverie Lenormand Expanded Edition Ciro Marchetti The Gilded Reverie Lenormand Expanded Edition by Ciro Marchetti- The imagery in this deck is breathtaking. It is the original Lenormand deck that I learned to read with, and will probably be the only lenormand deck I will read for others with (even though I have other lenormand decks, LOL)




Spiritual Toolkit Dreaming Way Lenormand The Dreaming Way Lenormand– I picked up this deck because I liked the “breath of fresh air” vibe that it gives off to me. If you like airy, whimsical decks this may be the deck for you.




Spiritual Toolkit The Essential Lenormand Rana George

The Essential Lenormand by Rana George- I would posit that Rana is currently the foremost expert in the world on reading the Lenormand. This book is my Lenormand bible. I constantly refer to it (because I am still learning to read the Lenormand) and it has never let me down yet. I don’t think it’s depth and breadth has been rivaled so if you’re learning this is the book to have on your shelf.




Spiritual Toolkit The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook Caitlin Matthews

The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlin Matthews- This is my second Lenormand go to book. The exercises in it are ones that will serve you for years to come. If you’re learning Lenormand this is another book that needs to be on your shelf.





Spiritual Toolkit #7- Oracles

Spiritual Toolbox Medicine CardsMedicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson- The first time I came across this deck was probably in 2003 or 2004. A friend of mine had it and thought that I may be interested in playing around with it while I was visiting for the weekend. She was right, I immediately took to these cards and ended up buying my own deck. I love learning about Native American teachings, and Jamie Sams also has another deck that I feel compliments these cards, The Sacred Path Cards. This deck was gifted to me and has taught me much about being connected to the earth.



Spiritual Toolkit The Faeries Oracle Brian FroudThe Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud- I have a thing for faeries, I have no idea why. If faeries are your thing to, you need this deck. In fact, this isn’t even a deck really, it’s a whole world. If you’re not careful, you could get lost in it 🙂




Spiritual Toolkit Oracle of Shadows and Light Lucy Cavendish The Oracle of Shadows and Light by Lucy Cavendish- I love Lucy Cavendish’s work. I have multiple decks created by her (The Wild Wisdom of the Fairy Oracle is another great one, as is The Faery Forest Oracle) but I usually get this one out around Halloween because the imagery is a bit darker.




Spiritual Toolkit The Good Tarot Colette Baron Reid The Good Tarot by Colette Baron Reid- I know this deck has “tarot” in the title, but it is actually an oracle deck- that is based on the Tarot- so the best of both worlds 🙂 The imagery in this deck is stunning and if you already read tarot this would be an excellent compliment to your readings. Colette also has another deck out that I love called The Wisdom of the Oracle. I just discovered her works this summer but I am already in love…




Spiritual Toolkit Magical Times Empowerment Cards Jody Bergsma The Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma- I often let my clients pull one of these cards after a reading so they walk away with a sense of empowerment. Again, I really like the imagery on the cards, they are beautiful, and the messages are supportive and caring. This would be a good deck if you were just starting out with oracles, pulling a card a day would probably be very comforting.




Spiritual Toolkit #8- Modalities

Spiritual Toolkit Wheels of Life Anodea JudithWheels of Life by Anodea Judith- If you’re just starting out on your study of the chakra’s (your body’s energy system) this book- as well as Anodea’s other books The Sevenfold Journey and Eastern Body, Western Mind– are imperative. These three books together are probably the most in depth study of the chakra’s you will find anywhere. I refer to these books often and would never even dream of getting rid of them.




Reiki A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles

Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles- A thorough explanation and understanding of Reiki.





Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss Anatomy Of The Spirit by Carolyn Myss- I think this is one of the very first books I read that started me on a more “mystical” path. A great explanation of energy medicine and the chakra’s and a must have for your spiritual toolkit.




Spiritual Toolkit #9- Holistic Health

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid after about a decade of feeling like absolute SHIT. Then a couple years ago I was diagnosed as having Hashimoto’s disease also (a condition in which your own body attacks your thyroid). As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner I’m a firm believer that you need to take your health into your own hands and work WITH your doctor and other healthcare professionals. If you are just letting your healthcare professionals give you pills to treat your symptoms and not doing your research and using other modalities to treat the cause of the symptoms in a holistic way you are doing yourself a disservice. My motto is  be prepared when you go see your doctor, NOBODY KNOWS YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOU DO. After all, you’ve lived in it all of your life. Pay attention to it, treat it like the temple it is and it won’t do you wrong.

Spiritual Toolkit Stop The Thyroid MadnessStop The Thyroid Madness by Janie Bowthorpe- This is my thyroid bible. I will not put synthetic thyroid pills in my body for the rest of my life because I don’t believe they treat me optimally. I believe that Natural Dessicated Thyroid is the way to go. I have given this book to my doctor (twice actually, because the first time she gave it to a patient to read and didn’t get it back). I am lucky enough to have a doctor who listens to me and wants to work with me to keep me healthy, so I’m very happy that she read this book. While the tone of this book can be a bit hostile, if you can get past that, it has some of the best thyroid treatment strategies gathered in one place that your family doctor probably won’t tell you. If you’re looking for a protocol, I recommend the one in this book, it changed my life.



The Seasonal Detox Diet by Carrie L'Esperance

The Seasonal Detox Diet by Carrie L’Esperance- a great reference book if you are looking to start detoxifying your body.





Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christiane Northrup

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup- This book is thick and filled with insightful information from someone who is a medical professional. If you’re a woman who wants to be in charge of her health, you need this book.




Everybody's Guide To Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummins and Dana Ullman

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman- This is my homeopathy bible, I use it regularly to determine what medicines to give when I have a cold or any other minor affliction. An excellent and easy to use reference.





Spiritual Toolkit #10- Personal Finance

Anyone who tells you that money has no place in spirituality is blowing smoke up your ass. The idea’s and beliefs that our society has around money support a culture of spiritual bankruptcy and I really believe we need to change our paradigm regarding it. So in the spirit of that, here are some books that have helped me overcome my limiting beliefs surrounding the energy of money.

Spiritual Toolkit Your Money Or Your Life Vicki Robin Joe Dominguez Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Domingues- This was seriously life changing for me.  I have ALWAYS struggled with the issue of money. I grew up in a family that had a couple of hoarders, and I have an ingrained belief that there is never enough money- therefore I always have to struggle to make ends meet. This book had me doing a complete double take around the money issue. I think everyone should read it.




Getting A Life

Getting A Life by Jacqueline Blix and David Heitmiller- another great book if you are looking at the simplifying your finances and your life.





Money Drunk, Money Sober by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan

Money Drunk, Money Sober by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan- An awesome book around the spirituality of money.





Spiritual Toolkit #11- Bits and Pieces

Spiritual Toolkit Nag Champa Nag Champa Incense- I don’t burn incense a lot, but when I do, one of my favorites is Nag Champa. I use it to clear my space whenever it feels a little psychically “stuffy” and I often use it before Reiki treatments or Tarot readings to cleanse the negativity from the space. I just love the smell of it and I think everyone should have some good incense in their spiritual toolkit 🙂




I’ll be updating this page continually (because once you start on the path you never really get off 🙂 ) so keep checking back to see what’s new.


Until next time, be well.