My Tarot Playlist- The Fool

So while I was scrolling through my iPod the other day, I got to thinking how a lot of the songs I had reminded me of certain Tarot cards- and wouldn’t it be fun to do a blog post on that?! 🙂

I thought I would start with the Major Arcana (because what better place to start 😉 ), and these are songs that I actually have on MY iPod, not just songs I hear on the radio-no judging here because at one time I thought the Biebs was a nice kid, LOL. So here we go…

The first card in the Major Arcana, 0 The Fool:


And the song? Gotta Get Away by the Black Keys



“I got paid, then I was on the road in a heartbeat

Mama said, Mama said you got a one track mind

But you ain’t gonna get it all the time

She wasn’t lyin'”


The Fool is about new journeys, excitement, exuberance and spontaneity. Every time I hear the first verse of this song The Fool comes to mind- If I had no responsibilities I’d be on the road in a heartbeat too when I got paid. Yeah baby! 🙂

What song makes you think of The Fool?

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