My Tarot Playlist- Judgement

The Judgement card always makes me think of 12 Step programs for some reason.


This card is all about self assessment (taking a personal inventory, Step 4 anyone?), liberation from your burdens (asking for forgiveness, Step 7…) and having a spiritual awakening (Step 12). So this card is kind of like the whole 12 steps rolled into one 😉

This card also reminds me very much of almost the whole 1993 Depeche Mode album Songs of Faith and Devotion. When I hear the opening strains of Condemnation….or the violin like notes of Judas…or the haunting music of One Caress– I always think of this card. I think it must be the Archangel on this card that makes it so religious for me- even though I am not a religious person (I can count on one hand the number of times I have been to a church, and that was to witness someones wedding or funeral).

However, the song I chose for  this week’s playlist is by my favorite artist, Jack Johnson, and it is his rendition of I Shall Be Released.

I chose this song because the people on the card all with their arms open to the Angel make me think of supplication, and that they are begging for release from their suffering. I am sure that any day now, they will be released 😉

If you want to see where Judgement may be asking you to take a personal inventory of your life you can send me an email at messagesfromwithin@outlook.com.

Until next time, be well.



Rider Waite Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, © 1971. All rights reserved.

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