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March New Moon Newsletter

Leading up to this March New Moon I seem to have been going through ANOTHER existential crisis *sigh*…Am I the only person this happens to?

March New Moon

I feel like every 6 months or so like clockwork I go through a period where I really question what the hell I am supposed to be doing with this one beautiful life that I have. Get up in the morning, go to work, come home, some days go to a second job, other days work on my tarot business, drink too much wine and then fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day- only to lather rinse and repeat the next day. How the hell is pushing paper around or cleaning toilets at a store changing anyone’s life or making it better??

I do pretty much nothing everyday that gets me closer to living the life that I really want to live. A life where I am not slaving away working for someone else. A life where I feel I am making a difference in the world. Where I am at peace and contented. I am reading a book right now called Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs. In it she asks us to write down our perfect day. I’ve done this exercise many times before but this time I REALLY got down to it, with more detail than I have ever written. I’m writing down how my perfect day FEELS to me, how it SMELLS to me…LOL, crazy I know, but I am desperate right now to make my life mean SOMETHING….

This March New Moon is in Aries, so I guess it would make sense that I am feeling intensely drawn to starting fresh, finding meaning and setting new intentions. For more info about the effects of this new moon check out Intuitive Astrology. And if you have these days and have figured out ways to cope or overcome them hit me up at messagesfromwithin@outlook.com– I need to know the secret!!

March New Moon Oracle Reading

For the New Moon oracle reading I pulled card #1 The Cunningwoman from the Faery Forest Oracle.

#1 Cunningwoman

I seem to pull this card a lot from this deck . I also find it interesting that I pulled this card for an Aries New Moon…Aries energy is fiery, impulsive and forward moving, however the Cunningwoman is telling us that now is not the time for action. Now is the time to be watchful and intelligent. Be silent and observe what people around you are doing. By watching their actions you will come to know the REAL person. The Cunningwoman is also secretive. She keeps her thoughts and feelings close to her sleeve, she is shrewd and careful about who she trusts. If you can begin to notice the patterns that surround you, you will soon know exactly what to do and when to do it. Quiet your mind, steady your gaze and focus to make sense of what is taking place around you. 

This sounds an awful lot like mindfulness to me 😉 And it is something that I have to work very hard on every day. Looks like the next couple of weeks I will be working on curbing my impulsivity and wayward tongue… 😉

Upcoming Events

If you’re looking for something to do with Mom on May 14th why not treat her to a reading at the Mother’s Day Wellness Bazaar? I’ll be there giving mini readings and would love to see you 🙂

Mother's Day Wellness Bazaar

And if you need a reading before that, head on over to my readings page to check out my offerings, I’d love to work with you.

Until next time, be well.


The Faery Forest Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd, used with permission of Blue Angel Publishing, © 2016. All rights reserved.

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