Dolphin Energy, A New Moon & Powerful Eclipse

Are you feeling it? The powerful eclipse energy that is pulling us to transform…to show our true selves….to deal with our shadow. I sure am.

I’m looking around at the world we live in with open eyes- and a sad heart. With everything going on in our society we certainly need some sort of transformation right now. I’m appalled at the level hatred humans have for each other. I am filled with horror when I see scenes reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I am saddened to my very core that people die to defend the basic human right of freedom. I just finished reading an article on the Charlottesville attack by Layla Saad and in it she wrote a line “This weekend the KKK marched without their hoods. Do you understand what that means?”. Yes, I understand what that means- and it chills me to the bone. Makes the hair on my arms rise. Leaves a pit in my stomach.

Over on the Forever Conscious website it states that the powerful eclipse that will take place today has a pathway directly across the United States of America, so this is the area that will be most affected. I am holding the wish in my heart that there will be some sort of transformation for a country that I feel is sliding deeper and deeper into it’s shadow side.

On a personal level, I am taking some time to meditate at this new moon/solar eclipse to re-evaluate some of my own ideas and beliefs around my role in society. I have to admit I am feeling a bit helpless about how I can make a difference, or how I can show support for the people who are affected by all this hatred. But I know that I can’t just ignore it.

New Moon Oracle Pull: Dolphin

For this new moon I was drawn to use my Medicine Cards for the Oracle pull. I pulled card #40 Dolphin

40 Dolphin

Dolphin is keeper of the sacred breath of Life and it teaches us how to release emotions through the breath. The breath revitalizes every cell and organ in the body and can also be used to connect us to the Divine.

At this new moon I invite you to pay attention to your breath. Most of us breath very shallowly, unconsciously, and it doesn’t allow us to take in the whole of Life. I invite you to stop several times every day and notice how you’re breathing. Take a deep cleansing breath and notice how that feels in your body. See if any emotions come up for you. Try to do this 4 or 5 times during the day. If you’re able, sit quietly and take 10 deep breaths and see how that makes you feel. Make it a point to be mindful of your breathing and notice what feelings are coming up for you when you do. If you’re feeling ambitious and don’t already meditate, try sitting for 5 or 10 minutes just focusing on your breath. I’m interested in knowing what comes up for you, so if you have the time drop me a line at to let me know how it went.

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My Current Faves

Here are some things I’m currently digging 🙂

Listening to: Jake Owen– Good Company. BYOB- Bring yourself over babe 😉

Reading: Unleash Your Inner Money Babe by Kathrin Zenkina. I just started it, but I already like the first exercise 🙂

Watching: Queen Sugar on Bravo. LOVE this show.

Eating: Grilled Chicken Wraps- doesn’t matter where they’re from, LOL….my daughter got me hooked on these and now I am craving them like, everyday.

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Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Illustrated by Angela Werneke, used with permission St. Martin’s Press. © 1988, 1999. All Rights Reserved.

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