April Monthly Card

Last month I pulled #47 The Gift as my monthly card. The Gift

The guidebook says that this gift may be a magickal present that will bring me new strength and attract great abundance, and if I accept it, it will bring many benefits. While I might not think much of the gift in the present moment, great things may come of it. This small gift may enable me to ground, root and grow my dreams and desires, and it may assist me with money problems.

Soooo….I spent most of my month working on this blog…setting it up, configuring different things to make it run better, and doing A TON of research to help me make this blog better 🙂 During my travels through the internet I came across a lot of good advice- some of it in the form of free ebooks for subscribing to someone’s newsletter. I can think of one in particular that I have been referring to in order to help me get things on the blog running more smoothly, so if I had to guess, I would bet money that this little freebie is the “gift” that the faeries gave me in March. I absolutely believe that this ebook has the potential to help me grow my dreams with this blog, so I am extending my gratitude to this little gnome for giving me the gift 🙂

This month I pulled #16 Her Special Place as my monthly card. Her Special Place

This card is about finding sanctuary and solitude so that I can hear my own heartbeat, a sweet, safe place in which I make time for myself. Consider spending time alone in nature or spending time with friends who are soothing and accepting whom I can be totally myself with. Go within and get to know who I am. Take time out to renew my sacred self.

After the busy month I had this month, I am looking forward to taking some ME time, relaxing and unwinding… getting back to my meditation practice and nurturing myself and just generally slowing down 🙂 Phew, taking a deep breath now and exhaling peace………………………..

Until next time, be well.


Artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech

Card meanings copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish



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