Messages From Within FoolWelcome to Messages From Within 🙂

My mission with this blog is to help people understand themselves and their options. I do this by offering descriptive, interpretive and sometimes predictive Tarot, Oracle and eventually Lenormand readings. I believe using Tarot, oracles and other divination systems can help people to know themselves better. They can bring forth ideas, patterns and advice that are already hidden in our unconscious. In other words, these cards can help us hear our messages from within.

People make better choices when they are shown the patterns that keep repeating in their lives. The cards can highlight these patterns and give advice on how to change them.  I also want to encourage creativity and a better connection with your own intuition through the use of these amazing cards. Last but not least, I would like to turn my passion for cartomancy in all it’s forms into a full blown, thriving tarot reading business 🙂

On this site you will find blog posts about the Tarot, different Oracles and a new divination system I am currently learning- The Lenormand. I try to make things super simple, so this blog is separated in to 4 categories (you can find them in the sidebar on the right →). Click on the category you would like to explore first and it will take you to the most recent blog post.

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image from The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, © 2004